Helping people get from 0 to 1 swiftly and with elevated success.

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Helping people get from 0 to 1 swiftly and with elevated success

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Charisma School is India’s leading people development company. We are a one-stop platform for leadership development and executive presence training within your organization.

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Executive presence program available for senior executives by Certified coaches to pivot them from good to great

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Curated content by globally recognized executive coaches encompassed in a 2-day workshop

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Marta Johnson

"Charisma Masterclass has transformed my social skills! I was able to rebuild my confidence and conversation skills from edge-of-the-crowd shyness 1 year ago to being the life of the party now."

Fred Arnold

"The masterclass was spectacularly valuable. I joined it on a friend's recommendation and it has been a great experience. Loved all the case studies and conversational scripts tailored for high-stake elevator pitches."

Alex Hill

"Danish's understanding of human nature and evolutionary hardwiring makes this masterclass special. He knows how to nudge people towards their goals and to get over their limiting beliefs!"

James Freeman

"I've always found charisma very fascinating. Greatly related to Danish’s unique insights on evolutionary psychology and importance of value in the modern times. Still half way through it.. highly recommended!

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